CRACKED TANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

some have had it replaced, some have not, just depends on what time of the month it is for yamaha :)

you got the long warranty so maybe they will

I know everyone is tired of hearing about cracked tanks.. Mine cracked today. I was wondering if Yamaha will replace it or if my extended 3 year warranty cover it? I dont want to plastic weld it or anything like that. Its cracked by the strap at the base where they all crack. Just wondering if anyone has actaully had yamaha replace it or if I am going to have to spend a few bills on a new tank. Does clark make and oem replica thats cheaper than yamaha direct??? :):D

Mine cracked on friday, the dealer said to bring in the tank and the frame no. and they would plead my case. Clark makes the replacement tank for 165 bucks. The ad says it fits all of the YZF's. The come in Yellow too.

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