starter removal 04 wr450

when i bought this bike the starter was one of the reasons i figured the extra weight would be worth it,but as usual i was wrong the dang thing will wear the battery out 60% of the time before it will start it -especially cold they tell me this is a common problem. my ? is will the yz cover fit and will it run properly w/out the batt

Your bike will start instantly when cold if you prime it with 5 twists of the throttle and a pulled choke. Removing the starter is just plain silly. I think a few have done it and just put the stock covers on but I will never educate myself further on this point. If you do rip out your starter be sure to make an 03 owner a deal on your starter clutch parts.

If you do rip out your starter be sure to make an 03 owner a deal on your starter clutch parts.

Yep like me!!!!!!!

72 starter jet for cold starting! Works every time. :)

whats the whole setup worth?

Getting your starter to work with the drill and/or jetting the guys above mentioned is easier than removing it. There is no reason it shouldn't work. That said...

I pulled my('03 WR450) starter, gears and battery last week. A YZ cover won't fit. I went to NAPA and got a 1 1/8 inch expandable 'core hole plug.' About four bucks. I replaced the nut that comes with it with a nyloc. I also cut the airbox cover so it's totally open, leaving just the rim so it will still bolt up right.

According to my bathroom scale, about 6.5 lbs. Weight savings isn't exactly 'dramatic.' But with new jetting, woohoo, she woke up! Also, no more woodruff key worries. Lots cheaper than a retrofit.

When I first got this bike I thought I was spoiled for life by the button, but honestly, these things start so easily with the kick starter. It's a non-issue.

I am however, spoiled for life by my new Z-Start clutch. WOW, is this thing neat!!! :)

Removing the starter is just plain silly.

i will never understand why people do this. the starter is what makes the wr's and the exc's soo good. re think what you are planning unless your riding 100% mx track. and if you are, buy a yz...........

I won't be doing this to my new wr450f even if the battery is dead. :)

Lipskid...Check your PM's. :)

I would rather remove the kick starter than the electric starter. Would save .25 pounds.

MY estart has not worked in so long. When I press the button all I hear is a clicking noise. When I kick it over, it starts first kick. I liked the estart while it was working but now all of a suuden it seems like wasted weight. Does anyone know any solutions to this problem. I checked the connections and they seemed fine. Id like to keep the estart but whats the point if it doesnt work? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, D :):D :D

There were several reported starter failures when the WR450 was first released. My dealer said the starter has some serviceable parts and that the most cost effective thing to do would be to pull it and have them check it out. Otherwise, the replacement starter is $240-ish.

Mine has been fine but my bro-in-law's only works about half the time.

befor spending the big $$ on the starter.

check the battery its self. the "black" batteries are very good, that is until they die. and they die hard. if the battery is good for sure then think about the charging system. then the starter.

battery is easy to test. first charge the it, then load test it. if it passes then recharge it and put it back in the bike. with a fully charged battery you can properly check your charging system.

if all that passes the it is your starter. bring it to some who knows about them. pull it apart. if not fixable then buy the starter.even if it was $1000 it would be worth every penny.

the starter is what makes the wr's and the exc's soo good

Well..., it's icing on the cake anyway.

Really guys, I'm not out to preach the merits of pulling this stuff, or convince anyone that they should do it. I fell head-over-heels in love with my starter the first time I stalled it on some rocky goat trail with my back tire almost over that last ledge. And it's always fun to sit and watch your buddy kick a half dozen times, then complain about the blister you're getting on your thumb.

I just had to see if I would a)miss it. b)notice the weight. Answer a) not really. :D not really.

The benefits as I see them are a) weight, pulling the starter, battery, idler gears, lights, odo and kickstand, adds up. Will it help me in a race? Who knows? But I'm having fun. :usa: It allows me to completely open the top of the air box. A new lid is cheap if I decide to go back. c) It should eliminate potential woodruff key failures.

Ultimately, I don't need it any more. Where the starter really shined, was a quick restart on a rocky climb, or stall in a turn. Lipskid now have Z-Start,Ungh. This thing is a riot. It's amazing how much faster you can go through a turn with a good grip, and all you have to think about is throttle control. Just re-route a few brain cells and :D :D :D. IF YOU GUYS THINK AN E-START IS COOL...! Plus, it's next to impossible to stall.

And last, I haven't done anything to my bike that can't be easily reversed. :)

Excellent points Simon@vic! We're fairly confident the battery is OK although we'll double check it before doing anything. The starter appears to work intermittently and when it's acting up, it doesn't just click but it pops and bangs and really turns heads. Bizarre stuff. We've checked the intermediary gear for a missing tooth, etc. but everything looks good.

What about the possibility of the one-way clutch (that sits behind the flywheel) having problems? That might explain more the popping and banging noises we hear occasionally. I have a new spare for an '04.

Mine works fine so...he's on his own! :):D


Glad to hear you're liking the Z-start. I've had mine since March 2003 (on my WR450) and I'll never go back, if I can help it. I love my auto-clutch! :)

I fell head-over-heels in love with my starter the first time I stalled it on some rocky goat trail with my back tire almost over that last ledge.

and after riding like this for a year, going back to a bike with out a starter is like going back to a mountain bike. :). it just cant do what you need it to do.

ok all you pushbutton junkies,i've decided to let it stay,(i wonder if the cavemen dreamed of e-start) but only because i finally got it to work halfway correct,i pulled out my pmb insert and using the pumping tecnique it starts like it should. maybe it was running rich(which might explain the gas smell in the oil)could the pmb stifled the flow too much? it runs better now ,not real loud but prbably over 99db. i'll just throw the insert in the truck incase anyone complains. thanx

Unless you richened up the jetting your bikes is going to be lean.

The e-start in nice.

E-start is awesome for off roading. Get stuck anywhere and just push button and go! No way us short guys can kick start in nasty technical sections if we stall. :)

Just get a 72 starter jet and you will be amazed how well it starts cold! :D

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