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Stock DR jetting recommendation?

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Hi folks, first TT post here...

Wondering if someone can give a quick jetting suggestion for this particular configuration:

1999 DR650
Stock exhaust/carb
Schnorkel removed; 2 1.5" airbox holes
2 1/4 turns out
Looks like a stock foam air filter, kinda...
Sea level, but get up to 6000' often, and much higher occasionally
SF Bay Area, moderate temps and humidity all year

Current config: 
145 main/47.5 pilot/unknown pilot air
Just got this bike to replace my KLR. Just got it running tonight, maybe after cleaning the pilot jet. Won't idle yet (doesn't quite sound like an intake leak), but seems very happy to rev.

Thanks! Looking forward to my new favorite bike. ;) 

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Super happy with how quiet the stock exhaust is at idle... and doesn't seem too bad so far when revving. It looks and sounds like a boat anchor. ;)

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Where r u riding 6k’? I take my 350se regularly to 6k and higher up in the downieville, ca area, will have it out for a test this weekend.

I followed the idle mix setup from kientech with the genuine Mikuni 140 main jet

3x3 mod
K&n filter
Fmf power core v4 slip on
Dyno jet needle, 3rd position down
Adjustable idle mix screw

This bike had been in the fam for 18 years. I went through it and cleaned out the carb / air filter very thoroughly. It was backfiring like crazy at altitude,
I’m thinking dirty air filter and or leaky petcock so I swapped to the raptor assembly.

Through help from folks like plugeye and others, the 350 runs better now than in y2k when I got it.

I’ll post results of a high altitude ride soon. As far as sea level, this bike runs more smoothly than my drz 400s!!!

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