I know it is a long shot but do any of you have any suggestions to getting around the red sticker. :) I could not go to prarie city the other day, :D I will do just about whatever it takes to get a green sticker.....HELP.

go buy a 2002 model bike, dont be one of those riders who puts on any old green sticker that they can get their hands on :)

At this point the only thing you can do is have a 2002 or older bike or one that is green sticker legal (CRF250X etc.).

Lots of people are getting the CRF250X(green sticker) and basically converting it to the CRF250R with a few modifications, mainly the cam, pipe, jetting and a few others.

I have an 03 450f, and I like it wherever I go, does anybody know anything about using a 2002 426 frame? :D Then I could legally get a greenie, but is this hard to do? :)

There is places in california you can ride all year long places managed by US forest service (Federal land) i just have to drive 3 hours to get there

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