FMF Factory 4

Just a little FYI, I threw my Factory 4 on today and it fit like a glove, It's about 4 inches shorter than stock and a couple pounds lighter and its anodized blue :) It sounds a little louder than stock but I just putted around the yard, I'll get a good ride in this weekend to really see how loud it is. Like I said just a little FYI.

I put mine on a couple weeks ago and it hits sweet. Like you said a little louder but, you can definitely feel the weight difference, specially in the air. :)

Did you guys just put the silencer on or did you put the FMF header pipe on too?

did the whole deal and used the 165 mainjet i'm in new orleans so i'd consider that below sea level :) i used the power bomb before on my 426 and it made a difference even without changing the silencer

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