Rear Tires... 140/90-18?

Hello guys!

I could have some 140/90-18 for cheap. Does any of you guys ever used this size on a WR426? i know these are wide a bit.. i could also get 4.50-18 or 5.00-18 but i dont know what these numbers could look like.

Right now i have a 120/100-18 and it's perfect for my riding needs. I'm rinding 50% pavement and 50% off-road.

Thanks for any info! :)

What brand tire is the 140/90. Different manufacturers have different numbering systems. If its a Michelin it will fit.

these are on Ebay...

they say these are GRAND SPORT 140/90 - 18 GS780 :) ...i think these are junk but... unless someone toll me they are great, they could be a good deal.

I run a Pirelli MT21 140/80/18 on my 426 with no clearance problems.

a buddy of mine runs the M12 in this size. It fits well and he is very happy.

Yep i used a 140 bridgestone on my 01-426,had no real clearance problems with it,but i did notice sings that the chain may have been lighly coming into contact with the nobbies from time to time,but not enough to cause any trouble,the markings were very slight and i never had any damage to the chain or tire,i would keep an eye out for this if you do fit a 140?,but you should be ok :)

thanks for the fast anwsers guys! :D

I'll order a couple of these i think :)

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