what kind of trailor set ups do you run???

i just purchased a 7x16 enclosed trailor and i want to put in some cabinets and stuff and im also looking for space consious ways to keep the bikes secure i have a 400 a 125 and an 85 (all yz's of course) to keep down do any of you have any suggestions on what to do and if possible some pics to thanks alot :)

cmon help me out here guys

How tall is it? I find enclosed trailers to be kinda awkward, because it is enclosed! We have a flatbed trailer, use these little tracks for the front wheel. Wheel goes in, gets locked down, doesn't move. Makes loading/unloading a snap!

Kinda like the link below, but ours is homemade-ish, very strong!

Link to wheel chock.

Good luck! :)

thanx i also have a flatbed and the hight of the traler is a little over 7 feet

Thumperpower: Do you sleep in the trailer or is it just transportation and a work area? A buddy has a 12x5 box trailer that he has added a fridge, generator, two sets of drawers, a tv, and even an outside shower that uses the sun to heat the water. I'm trying to find him a folding bed. It folds flat against the wall then drops down to a couch then again to a bed. These are used in the toy hauler type trailers. They are decently comfortable and I've found em as low as $250.

I have a 12x6 enclosed, and I use the ATK bike shoe. It locks in 21 inch tires and doesn't load the forks so springs don't sag over time for you. There easy to use and hold the bikes real nice. As for the other stuff think about what you use and what you need. I have cabinets covering the front wall.

TP 411,

I just went traded up to an 8x20. I had an RV but just too much crap so I'm trying to get everything in my trailer I need for a weekend. What I have done is go to Lowe's (Home Depot probably has something as similiar as well.) They have assembled cabinents which hang on the walls nicely. (Only problem is they are a little heavier than some of the custom ones you can get made.) On the back rear of one side they had a plastic (Rubber maid) type of closet for $70. It has two doors, it's a little over 6' tall. has about 5 shelves. I put all my riding gear in it.

For the front, from lowes I purchased a four door cabinent and a little bar sink to wash my hands. (This ran me about $150.) Beside it I also bought a 32" shower which fits perfectly. For water, I found a company, www.ameri-kart.com that will make customer water tanks. I got a 47 gallon one for about $65. I purchased a 12 volt water pump from one of the camping stores. I mounted the water tank on top of one of the wheel wells. (I need one for the other side as well for balance.) Went to lowe's and bougth the cpvc 1/2" pipe and ran the plumbing. (Really easy, just make sure you use the same type of pipe everywhere and "dope" it up good.) Also, from Lowe's purchased a 6 gallon 1500 watt electric water heater. (Everybody told me to go with gas because the water would take too long to heat. Not true, I can get done with a race, turn the generator on and by the time I load my bike and get out of my clothes the water is warm enough to shower in. (Approx 10 to 15 mins.)

As for the draining of the shower and sink, I was going to get a holding tank but I figured water and shampoo isn't as bad as the chemicals and pressure washing everybody does anyway. (Plus if you want to go camping they do make the portable holding tanks that come on wheels that you could hook up.)

For the toilet, I found thetford makes a nice portable unit that you can get from sears for around $100. As long as you keep the chemicals in it you won't have an odor problem. Also, everything most everything is dissolved and by the time you get home and it's no trouble at all dumping in the toilet at home. I know it's hard to believe but it's not near as bad as it was dumping the RV.

For electricty, I went and got a two 20 amp recepticle for the outside and used plastic pvc to run it through a hole I cut in the trailer wall. On the inside, I mounted a two break box. I run the lights, water heater and everything else on one circuit. The other I will run the AC off of. Ran all the wires along the wall inside 1/2 blue plastic conduit from lowes. All I'm missing now is an entertainment system and a work bench.

Oh yeah, I just hung some "freezer strips" across the back so I can leave the ramp door down and prevent dust and such from coming in. You can get them at www.grainger.com.

Good luck.

e email me some pics of the way you guys are setting yours up thanks yzfreestyle15@hotmail.com

I bought an 18 wheeler to haul my daughters XR70

That way she can ride as we drive....


Next time there is a RV /Trailer / Camping thing-a-ma-job show at the fairgrounds, go over and see wht they got in the line up for ideas...

ego i have the trailer and i was looking for space saveing ways and i idias to keep every thing what r u using for transportation

me Pickup

I only have 10 min to drive.............

I have no use or need for a trailer.............


I was suggestion that you go to a rv / camper show for ideas. They not only have campers and stuff but utility trailrs and all....

I use a Tacoma 4x4 with no trailer and it carries both of my bikes just fine. My gear all fits in the extra cab. I like not pulling a trailer because some of the riding areas I go to are pretty remote and require four wheel drive, I would not want to subject a trailer to that kind of abuse. It would be nice to have one of thost enclosed trailers for long trips though. I always feel like people are eye balling my bikes when I pull into a parking lot.

I just bought a 6x12 enclosed. The guy who had it set it up awesome. The entire front wall in front of the walk through door is cabinet space. Enough room for several sets of gear, goggles, gloves, helmets, ez-up, shop towels, chemicals, etc. I use an ATK bike shoe for holding the bike. No tiedown holes in the floor. Also, has racks and hangers all over the walls for additional storage. I'll try to get some pics up for you guys.

Im a dealer rep for moduline !

I can give some breaks on pricing for cabinets, fuel jug holders, helmet holders, and work stations !

Please email me at


I will post more info and pics soon....

We also have Van setups as well....Modulinedisplay.jpg

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well iv almost got it down i thing i am going to use a 2 foot peice on metal with a hook on each end at an angle attathed to the floor and then use tie downs in the front i dont think they will go anywhere i guess i will just have to wait and see what happens :)

Im a dealer rep for almost anything

Ask me I will sell it

Tell me and I will sell it

Dont ask me and I will sell it anyway

well can ya find me a new 250F cause i sure cant find one!!!! :)

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