Suspension question

Hey guys, I have been searching around on this site and throughout the internet trying to find some info. on the Enzo subtank system for a 2001 426. I have searched high and low on the internet for a site trying to find a number to call or something, but haven't found anything yet. :) I read some posts about people who have the setup on their bikes, but they don't say where they got them or how. I also plan on re-valving the suspension.

I have had my bike for a couple of years now and am just now realizing how bad I need to setup my suspension specifically for me. I am 6'0" at 155, so it's kinda hard to keep the bike planted sometimes. I really hope you guys can help me out with this, or maybe even add in some of your suggestions on your own setups.


I'm the same size and weight as you, please let me know what you try and how it works! So far I have been fiddling with the stock suspension and it's been ok. Good on bottoming resistance, but beats me up when the track gets rough.

I put a set of tanks on my '01 426 and it made a huge difference in ride quality. Much better on braking bumps but great bottoming resistance. I'm going to get the suspension revalved soon by either Enzo or MX-Tech. That should be another quantum leap in performance

If you plan on doing the suspension yourself, you can call enzo at 714-541-5218 and order the bottles. They are 300 or 350.

I took a look at the thread that aford541 posted and I think I just want to go with re-valving the suspension as of right now. The subtanks might be somewhere in the near future as I am jumping everything at the track and running with almost everybody out there.

Who do you suggest I have to do the re-valving for me........Enzo? It really seems like everybody is saying they are the way to go, but i'm not sure. To the guys with your suspension having been re-valved; who did it for you, and how do you like it?

Enzo has a killer reputation for working miracles on YZ suspension but MX-Tech ( Jeremy Wilkey) does a good job too and is only 50 miles away if I need a re-do on the revalve.. :):D :D

Does anybody possibly have an e-mail address that I can reach somebody at Enzo with? I saw a number to call, but I was just wondering if they have an e-mail address too.

For a company as well known as Enzo, they have no Web site or email address. I think there is one in the making at though. . .

I had sub tanks on my 02 426 I rode my bike with stock suspension and ruined the front wheel I had the compression clicker all the way in and still bottomed it hard several times on easy stuff. The sub tanks are a necessity on that fork, I didn't think they add as much to my 04 YZ 450 but they still help, the needle valve adds a speed sensitive characteristic to the fork, Call Ross Maeda or Will Decker at Enzo (714) 541-5218 those guys are very helpful and will take the time to explain stuff to you, they have made many of changes to my suspension and are always very helpful and we have never made the suspension any worse.

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