WR450F Filter or WR426F Filter??

Can you Use a 2002 WR426F Steel Filter that you can clean. I heard it was something that could happen but kinda wanted to " ask the people" :)

i thought the 426 filter was a little longer. not much, only about .030. ask your dealer to show you both. set them on the counter side by side. i tried the 426 in my '03 450 and the cover didn't want to go on without mashing the filter. that is not to say i didn't do something wrong. it'd be nice to be able to wash it out.

Caution, the 450 is different length. I think the 400/426 ones are taller. And if you try a 450 filter in a 426, you will have an internal leak and unfiltered oil running through the engine, visa versa, too tall. I have screen types, dont remember brand, but its in a blue box, beleive its Emgo, and I have 4 other ones on hand in green boxes, I havent even opened those up to see if its paper or screen

im running an 02 426 one in my 04 450. they where exactly the same height. and same pressure blow off valve.

Scott stanless filter is the same for 426 and 450 :D

Then again I have heard this smashing filter stories also...

BTW scotts filter do not have this rubber gromet on the back of the filter :)

I will experiment on my next oil change...

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