Automatic Compression Release

I rode a YZ250F for the first time and loved it. The only problem is I can't start the bike. I tried the hot start and did the drill but to no avail. I'd like to get a 250 but I don't think I can adjust to the hard starting.

I use to have old McCuhla(sp) racing kart motor with high compression that had a little push-in buttom compression release that worked great. As soon as the engine fires the button would pop out.

Has anybody tried to hookup or talked about an automtic release attached to the existing Yamaha

compression release? Does anybody start the bike by releasing the compression release as your kicking?

Honda and KTM have automatic compression releases. Why doesn't Yamaha?

Couldn't a stop be put on the lever that is adjusted so the valve is just slightly open and when the engine fires it would push the valve closed?

Any suggestions?


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