XR's Only comes thru...

XR's Only got a bashing here, some time ago, and I had also weighed in with my problems with them. Someone had posted a reply stating that they were really trying to make improvements, so I placed an order with them this last Sunday night for HD clutch springs. Boy was I surprised tonite by an UPS shipment from them already! Good work!

Now, when I install those springs, should I loctite the 4 spring bolts? Is there a good reason not to?

I didn't and haven't had an issue yet. They get a bashing on the xr forums alot. You have to figure in human error rate and just about everyone with an xr and a computer has at least called them. I've personally never had an problem with them. However, they need to get some customer service reps with a personality.

I asked xrsonly about getting a replacement glass for my electrix kit I got from them. They emailed me said they will look into it. Its been a month and nothing. Id rather have no headlight than deal with those guys.

10-4, I hear yah on that. Their not pleasant people and they're not going to last like that. I've just never had an issue, but I'm sure I will... :)




I bought two sprockets from them, ordered stock gearing, 14 -48 and the sent me a 15 tooth front :) Just got it today, now what do I do ? Will the 15 make much of a difference, will I burn up my clutch ? Are the PBI front sprockets they sell any good ? Dont know how they could possibly get 14 wrong and send me 15, but they did.

If you run yer Pig in the desert, I think that you will like it just fine. That's what I run. I'd keep it so you have it to play with either way. :)

I just don't know why I would take a chance on them. They have a bad record and don't make it right if they screw up. With Barnums and the others out there doing a great job and can get anything XR's has to offer to you and with a good attitude. Why take the chance?

They have a pretty website, the convenience factor is high. That's the "only reason" I used them. Turns out they use us more than we use them...if you catch my drift.

im taking my head up there from my crf for a valve job...I will talk to the guys. I am pretty sure one of the reps is Mikey Childress...one of the FASTEST d37 dez racers, who is now gonna run baja with Honda who I have never met personally but hear he can be too full of himself...I will keep you posted.

That's the guy I always talk to. And yes, He's full of himself. May he find himself one with a cactus.. :)

I just don't know why I would take a chance on them. They have a bad record and don't make it right if they screw up. With Barnums and the others out there doing a great job and can get anything XR's has to offer to you and with a good attitude. Why take the chance?

Hmmm... Can I agree to disagree ?!

I've used XRs Only and had 'good' customer service. And I've used Barnums and had 'good' customer service (on a bulk Edelbrock order)... however, until recently did I speak highly of Barnums. Rob has ALWAYS been informative... but if you read about my issue in this forum "Barnum... a bad experience" you'll see that not all times are any shop 'good' and do they warrant a 'slap' every so often to keep them in line. However... this one was costly to me.

Here's what I've found;

Most all 'motorcycle or ATV' shops have some kind of attitude or lack of something... think about it. We ask for the best price. Or for them to beat a price. (well, most people do). And then we ask more questions of "how to" fix or work on something... only to do it ourselves or find someone cheaper. (again, most people will). And then we all expect GREAT customer service with a smiling face let alone prices that are at cost. And all of this coming from a dirt head (used in a nice manner) that is talking to you over the phone... not an equisite honored graduate of charm school.

SO... I just take it all with a grain of salt. And sometimes give it right back. :D

Have I told you about this very famous shop right by my house?! Well... I get Cost plus 20% on parts/acc. It's the ONLY reason I shop there (besides I know the service writers and parts mgr). If you try and order a part... GOOD LUCK! You'd think a cow was taking your order. Monkeys are smarter... and more polite! HAHAHAHA.... :D

Sorry guys/gals... it's just a sore spot right now. :)

Johnny, you had great service from Barnums. Problem was your mechanic is an idiot, and you are not very bright when it comes to modern motorcycle engine sounds. You took an obviously malfunctioning bike with a newly rebuilt motor to Baja and it broke. Your fault.

Now you try to blame Barnums for your ignorance? You paint yourself a victim, but you are the monkey.

Barnumspro always give it their best shot. They should be supported.

I think its time to start bashing little Johnnyairtime. Dont use this forum to undermind a small business like Barnums. they are hardworking and good folks. They care about the off roading community. They have loads of expereince. The rest of us have had very positive experience with them.

Johnnyairtime needs the slap to straighten him out. :)

The thing I like about my computer... is all i have to do is hit <delete> when I see your posts. :D

Get a friggin clue... You are one, not many. Your sole opinion of me... or anyone isn't cr*p... You have some issues and seem to be running around Thumpertalk looking for my posts. Did ya know there's a search function?! It's much easier! Have fun! :)

Hey John-john :cry:air :cry:time

What is mikesskyRacho?

Did you really put ATF in your engine?

Why couldnt your mechanic hear the valves hitting the piston?

silly little girl...

xrs only has again changed ownership, or at least half of owners...i think. so who knows maybe they will change for the better.

it still isn't enough for me to go back to them.

btw: hey kritter, i don't think childress is riding baja with honda, he's riding baja with A honda. i'm pretty sure he is just riding for xr's only...

Hey, I am not looking for a fight (a race would be nice but, your bike is broken) but, Mr. airtime you are off on this one I read your hole spill (yahoo group) and you bought a part not service! If I buy a bart from Kragen and install it wrong it's not Kragens fualt. Barnums sold you a part(s) and your mechanic came up short. If barnums did the work and then didn't make it right they would be at fault. There is defenetly something wrong with your mechanic. Make him fix his mistake.


*Putting my gloves on* J/K!!

I know what I did... and what happened. And I ultimately know what Barnums did do... and didn't do. And I most importantly know how my mechanic is... Not sure what new news your telling me. BUT... It's all said and done.

I'm over it. As my emails were mostly to inform... and they did. If you read the email from Denise, you'd see what I mean. IF you didn't... well then, oh well.

Like I said, I'm over it.

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