WR450 Direct Route Brake Line

Looking for a direct route (CR style) front brake line for my WR450 & 250. I tried the YZ brake line but it is to short (head light).

Anyone know where I can get one?

Or maybe someone who can crimp on new connectors or make a custom brakeline?

Thx in advance for any info.

Crap. Now I have to get one of those! :)

they're sweet but dont pass the &"ç*çç technical inspection here :D...racing product!!! :)

What is the advantage of this direct route cable?

I ride alot of rocky ruts. I'm afraid the hose will be damaged. The direct route (CR style) eliminates this risk. I'm also told it makes bleeding the brakes easier cause there is no place for air bubbles to collect.

Thx. Order 2 from ride engineering. Fastline does list the 04 WRs.

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