XR650L Yoshimura System

I just installed my full Yoshimura system today. It is not a bolt up installation. I had to add a dent to the headpipe to clear the oil drain bolt in the downtube. The right rear turn signal also has to be trimmed and shimmed a bit to provide some air gap. Otherwise it all fits great. A nice touch is that you can bolt up a stock XR600 heat shield to keep your pants safe. I added the small 94db TEK insert and it is very quiet! I need to do some jetting work...probably drop my Pilot Jet down to a 52 size. This has nothing to do with the pipe...I have been too lazy to drop it from a 55. [image]My_XRL650L.jpg[/image]

Looks great :)

Ditto, which heat shield were you refering too? So how does it run? What were your jetting specs before. I like my Power bomb and "Q" but it's the old style muffler and has a little higher pitch sound than I would prefer. Did you feel any "seat of the pants" improvement? :)

Looks great :)

:D :D

Where did you get the exhaust? I know Motoworld sells them, but I did not see the L listed. Will a system for the XR600 fit on the L?

Clean bike. Mine used to look like that. That is until is started riding it off-road every other weekend.

You are also posting on XRLug. I'm a member (HC) of that group too. I can tell your are an enthusiast (obsessor) like me. Can I get a Hell Yeah!?

Nice pipe, that's to bad you have to put a dent in the header to get around the drain plug. I don't know why they (manufacture) just can't get things right the first time.

But I'd say it looks very nice on the bike! Quesiton where did you get the Rear Disk Brake cover?



Thanks for the thumbs! Here is the Yoshimura story. I have a friend in Texas who has an XR600 (2000 model). He had this system still in the box from JC Motors with the TEK inserts (an extra option for 2 baffles). He sold it to me for what JC Motors charged him. $330 for the sytem and $40 for the TEK inserts. I jumped on it and it the sytem fits just fine with 2 exceptions. 1. The left pipe crosses over and touches just above the frame drain plug. I taped the area with masking tape and used an air hammer to just "flatten" an area the size of a quarter. No biggie. You can't see it and I had been warned that this might happen. 2. Of course the XR600 has no rear turn signal. I had to grind my mount and "scalpel" the bottom rubber stalk to make it flat. I then shimmed between the steel mount bracket and the rubber insert to tilt the signal up about 1/2" on the end. It just took a bit of head scratching but again no biggie. I also put some aluminum heat tape on the bottom of my air box where the pipe passes under it. Just a precaution and easy to do. I started out with the small TEK insert and it is Very Quiet. Today I changed to the larger one and I like the "bark" better. It is not obnoxious but it is louder. It is about the same as a cruiser bike with aftermarket pipes (with baffles not drag pipes). The jetting is my fault. I had done the usual mods (snorkel, slide, smog, DJ kit)and decided to up the Pilot Jet to a 55 from the stock 50. Bad Plan! Try the pipe/muffler before you change the jetting. Today I went back to the stock 50 Pilot Jet with the 160 Main Jet (DynoJet). It will pull the front tire so easy now that it is scary. It will putter along like a [@#$%&*!] cat at idle and just jump when you roll the throttle. I like it! I ride at 4,300' altitude so this is what works for me. The heat shield for an XR600 will bolt on to the Yoshimura pipe since this system is designed for the XR600 and not listed for the XR650L. The XRL shield won't work but at least you can buy the XR600 shield. The TEK inserts change in under 2 minutes and work well. I can't fault anything on the Yoshimura system since it is designed for the XR600. Call JC Motors or go to the website at jcmotors.com and order part X660AFS-SA for the whole system. The cost is about $350 or you can order the muffler for about $260(maybe part number X660AS-SA). Someone asked about the rear caliper shield.....it is a Meier product for the XR600 also. I paid $4.00 for it off of eBay from Dennis Kirk. It is no longer listed by Meier so it might be out of production. You all ride safe! (even Dual Dog....)


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