info about first oil change

Ok this is my first 4-stroke dirt bike so don't be to hard on me.I got the bike 2 weeks ago and noticed everybody on here seems to change the oil just about everytime the ride.By the way the bike is an 02'YZ 426.So I went to the bike shop and bought 2qt of oil and a filter and changed the oil tonight.Well I drained the oil and pulled the filter and was looking at the filter and notice metal or aluminum particals on the top 3 fins of the filter.So that freaked me out so called one of my friend that has been riding the YZ's for the last couple of years.He told me that was normal but it doesn't seem right.Also when I put everything back together and started to put oil back in the bike.It only took a little over a qt. to fill it up.Does that sound right?

my yz450 only holds a little bit over a quart so that sounds right, and I change my oil after every ride and just about always see sparkly metal in the oil, thats why I change it every ride.I only change the filter every other ride.Anyone know where to get oil filters cheap.They cost $12 at the local yamaha dealer, and I also want to stock up on the copper crush washers at a cheap price.

I have an 00 426 and have run a scotts mesh filter. i have a magnetic drain plug too the man said cheap insurance.Change your oil regularly with good quality 4-stroke motorcycle oil,there are as many opinions about which oil works best as there are oils!!!

the metallic film is most likely from the clutch. if you get big chunks then ya gotta worry...

don't worry mate, I'be got an 02 YZ 426 and that is definitely normal. You'll almost always see particles in your filter even if you drop the oil every hour!

I use the HIFLO oil filters too that are in the EBAY link, great service too. :)

Want to get them cheaper than ebay? Go to . . .

The 426 filters are ~$7, and the 450 ~$3 at www.cyclegear. But then again, it seems like the 450 paper filters can be used on the 426/400s, so...

On a 426 you need 1600 cc when you change the oil and filter (one quart is 946 cc so you need about 1.6 qt). A little less when just the oil.

The YZ450 has a smaller oil tank in the frame so it only uses less.

Thanks for the replys guys.My bike just took a little over 1000cc to fill it up though.Is there more then one drain plug? I haven't started the bike up yet either so maybe I need to do that so the oil can fill up in the lines??

The magnetic drain plug collects crap that floats around in the sump.

It can arguably make for cleaner oil circulating in the engine (although some say that the collected crap might come loose from the plug all at once and cause bigger problems than the individual tiny fragments) and can indicate problems if it catches anything relatively large.

You'll need to start the bike up to check the engine oil level. The dipstick does not indicate the correct oil level if the bike has not been started. Take a look at the service manual if you have one (download from motoman393 if you don't) for the full instructions. In brief:

1. Ensure you are on level surface,

2. Idle bike for more than 3 minutes keeping bike upright, then stop engine

3. Remove dipstick

4. Inspect level - do not screw in to inspect, merely insert lightly

as far as the 02 yz426 specs

Total oil 1.59 US qt

Periodic Oil change 1.37 US qt

With oil filter replacement 1.48 US qt

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