pilot jet replacement

what is the easiest way to change it?

can i do it from the bottom of the carb. or do i need to remove the carb.?

Gal, sorry I don't know if the '00 has the 14mm or the 17mm bolt under the bottom. If you have the 17mm bolt, you can get to the pilot w/o taking off the bowl. It is in the recess just in front of the main, still under the 17mm bolt. Either find/build a very short screwdriver or twist carb (have someone watch the throttle cables or watch while 'test twisting' the first time and adjust/loosen if necessary).

If you have a 14mm bolt, you have to pull the bowl off. You can do this by dropping the bowl. You can do this on or off the bike.

I always recommend taking the carb off and apart at least once. You'll always be reluctant to work on it until it's demystified.

Good luck,


thanks mwc, its 17mm so i guess ill do it on the w/e

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