Flex bars on a 426?

I have a 02 426, and I am thinking of getting a set of flexx bars. I heard it helps with vibration and arm pump to a certain degree. Does anyone have them installed, how are they working and from pictures I have seen, can you put a pair of hand guards on them? I dont do much mx. I race all summer doing enduros, alot of rocks, ruts, and roots really anything that the sick minds of the promoters can have you going over. :jawdrop:braaaaap

Yes, these bars rock. I have tried them on my buddies (RIDE) 250f, and was way impressed. And, yes, you can mount handguards, but I don't know what all brands will work. I know that Rooster Performance has been working on handguards for those bars, so try contacting Kelly at: WWW.RoosterPerformance.com

Or, PM him, his TT name is RIDE. He can hook you up, I am sure. :)

Thanks for the reply. :)

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