got shock problems

I'm a 31 year old that has a 99'WR400. I weigh about 220lbs and I want to adjust my forks for a more firm ride. all my suspention is stock.what can i do?

start with stiffer springs! Go to,they have a spring rate calculator.

Put your weight&height and type of riding you do, and it comes up with the current spring rate you need. :)


Here's a general rule of thumb.

Set bike and rider sag on the rear to 90mm. See manual for instructions.

Then check bike sag (without rider). If bike sag is 0 to 15mm, then your spring is too soft.

If bike sag is 25mm or greater, then your spring is too stiff.

If you find you have the right spring, then you'll want to make the ride firmer first via mods to the adjuster screws. If you run out of screw, then you'll need to modify the valve stack.

And yes, the RaceTech site is a good double check as well. You'll most likely be border line at 220lb with the stock spring.

Let us know what you find.


You definently need stiffer springs. You got 5.2 in the rear right now, i went to 5.4 and i weigh 195lbs

I'm going to go from 46 to a 47 in the front,when i get more cash. The bike handles everything much better than it did before. If you were close to 185lbs,then maybe the stock 5.2 spring would be O.K.

If you ride aggressive a stiffer spring is the way to go. Just my .02 cents. 5.2 stock on 2002wr426!

[ May 20, 2002: Message edited by: BigDesto ]

At 245lbs, the racetech site recommended a 5.8 for me........Diet time??? nnnnaaaaawwww :):D:D:D

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