2000 - 2001 Carbs

Other than the needles, is there any difference between the two?

different design.

The accelerator pump is MUCHO different...but it is MUCHO BETTER as well.

I would bolt one up on my 99 if given the chance.

NH Kevin, the carb was re-vamped in 00, so the 00 has the new AP. Other than the needle, the only differnce I know of is a different (better) vent tube setup on the 01-02 carbs vs. the 00.

What type of carbs are the '00/'01 carbs? Are they the FCR 41?



I know they are FCR, not sure if they are a 41mm bore though. I can find out tonight.

That would be great! I'm under the assumption that they are actually FCR 39's, but it'd be nice to have a confirmation.



They are all 39s.

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