Rear wheel wanted/needed

I am in need of a rear wheel from a 99-01 Yz/Wr 250/426f. Or even just a hub from a 99-01 Yz/YzF 125/250/400/426. Please help! :)

I have a rear wheel. I am in the same boat with the hub. Mine broke too. I put gold wheels on mine so I have the wheels that come on it. Read my last restonse to your broken hub topic. Here is my phone# at work. 620-728-4213. I hope to hear from you. Maybe we can decuss what happen to your hub and mine too. Let me know if you want the wheel.

Hey, you never said if you want my sprocket or not and also I have the chain that came on my bike. It is new never rode on it. As soon as I got the bike I put on a O-ring chain. If you want call me back and we can discuss price. Thanks Chris

Well i think im gonna just buy a chain/sprocket/chain "kit". The chain sheared off about half of the teeth on my rear sprocket, and 2 teeth on the front are missing. So i think im just going to get em' all together at once. Thanks for the offer though!


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