pics of my 426 extreme makeover

Well, i changed it back to blue (had the orange crush acerbis kit)and I kinda like it!

New graphics, SDG tall seat, braided brake line, home made carbon fiber brake line bracket, polished most of the unpainted aluminum-(exhaust can, rear chain guard, kick starter, brake cover, and mag clutch cover), new pro-taper black se bars, e-bay swingarm stickers, and Krylon fusion painted all of the stock white plastic....the fusion paint rocks!...that front disk cover was a beaten old orange looks like a brand new white one!...also new fork seals, springs, and fluid and oh yea...painted, cleared, and clear vinyl stickered the frame

Here it is:


other side:


what do you think?


Nice bike mike. What about the pictures of the bike after you got into the crash. Before and after. :)

I like them Graphics

Its a dang shame after all that work it has to be ridden. Great looking bike

Although them graphics seem vaguely familiar :)

Mike, That is the worst looking bike I have seen in a long time. Just kidding, My jealous side is coming out.

Can I ship my bike to you and you clean it up like yours, Of course no charge to me.

All kidding aside, That is a sharp bike and a lot of time spent on it. :D :D :D:)

Your bike looks awesome. Looks better then my '04

Lookin GOOD :)

Can you tell me where you found those bar risers? Did you make them? Can I get some for my ProTapers? Man, higher and way forward (dreaming..........) that would be SWEET!

Looks dang good Mike! :)

Your bike looks great!

Outstanding! Very Sharp! :)

That is exactly what I wanted my bike to look like. I say wanted because my "rare" Enjoy graphics never showed up :D. Oh well. Your's look great though! Excellent work! :D

Now go get that thing dirty!

Where can I pick up some of this Krylon Fusion paint. My side number plates are lookin a little scratched and dirty. I would assume it's just something that you could pick up at your neighborhood Wal-Mart or something?

By the way, that's a sharp lookin bike you got there! :)

:) SWEET looking bike :D

What did you polish the side cover and kickstand with?

Can you tell me where you found those bar risers? Did you make them? Can I get some for my ProTapers? Man, higher and way forward (dreaming..........) that would be SWEET!

same question here.

Hmmmmmmm :) Looks like Chatsworth to me Mike

Bike looks really nice. I have been there a few times this year, let me know when you will be there and I will ride with ya!!


That bike looks SWEET!!!

:) SWEET looking bike :D

What did you polish the side cover and kickstand with?

Ya I want to know how you polished your side cover?I don't have a kickstand so I don't need to no that :lol:Please tell what grit you used,and polish.The bike looks great!!

Wow!! Thanks for all of the positive replys!!!

While waiting for a radiator to be repaired at mylers I decided to give the bike a makeover since I just recieved "rare" :D graphics purchased from ebay. I promised my wife that I wouldn't spend any more money, so I decided to re-do it with what I had laying around (minus fusion paint, new bars, and a SDG seat :D)

First....let me stress how much I am amazed at the white krylon fusion spray paint! (purchased at walmart for about 6 bucks a can..I used 1.5 cans) All of the plastic (minus the front fender and the disk cover)is the original plastic. I had it on for about a year and had several was all scratched to hell and the side panels and fork guards were "stained" with dirt filled deep scratches...both fork guards were cracked too. I sanded the panels with something like 220-320-400 and put on about 3-4 thick coats of the fusion paint. I honestly could not tell they were painted when finished...the stuff looks like new plastic when several coats are applied. I fixed the cracked guards with some fiberglass and then hit them with the fusion paint too.

The rear fender is clearcoated with crappy home depot spray clearcoat. I hit all of the stress white marks (created by several spectacular get-offs) with a propane torch from the underside, then sanded 220-320-400 and then wet sanded with 600 and then clear coated...sounds tough but it was pretty easy.

Then I tried the fusion blue on the front fender but the color looked didnt match the yamaha blue, so I caved and bought a new fender.

The disk guard was orange and scratched to all hell...again -sanding and white fusion paint...I could sell it on ebay as a new part and you wouldn't know the difference.

I polished the metal with a buffing wheel on a grinder...came in a kit from home depot with a couple different sticks of polish/abrasive. I had to sand the clutch cover all the way up to 600 and then buff...looks like a mirror right after but it gets hazy after about a week. I have a drill mounted buffer that I touch it up with...only takes about 3-5 minutes (if even that long).

I bought the bar risers from a couple years ago. They go 1.5" up and 1.5" forward but are for 7/8" bars. I love them...makes it real easy on my lower back to stand (im 6'4").

Phillip...I didn't crash! I hit a root or stump on the red hurt! right on the top of my left foot. I thought my foot was gone when it happened!...Im no good in the woods...I always get hurt out there! Im sticking to the tracks...where I can safely hit quads and other riders :D

Yes that is chatsworth! I'll be there on sat morning along with dirtdonthurt, hondaphillip, rubberupracer, and gxdragon (4/24). Check the NJORVP post on the who/where/when to ride section (northeast)and come on out. I'll have my 5 year old with me on sat, but I'll be able to do a few laps on the mx track...hopefully!

Thanks again for all the positive feedback...I knew you guys would appriciate the makeover...nobody here at work seems to care :)


Oh other funny thing:

I painted the thunder ally pipe back to the can with high temp barbaque paint....used the same paint on the header guard too. Also polished the header with the buffer wheel.

The cluth cover doesn't hold up too well when polished. Ive been sticking clear vinyl on the area were my boot contacts it..(the rear part of it...before the Y in yamaha)

I originally polished it about a year ago and I noticed that if I didnt protect it with something while riding, I would have to take it off and sand the scratches out all over again. Now I just apply a little piece of clear vinyl and remove it after a week or two and slap a new piece on....kinda gay, but it keeps it nice without much work.

The kickstart level looks awesome! Just pop it off and hold it against the buffer wheel and slowly spin. In about 5-10 minutes it gets really shiny. The aluminum holds the shine for while...


What company are the graphics on your bike they are pretty clean. :)

An IronMan rear sprocket sure would look good on there. It'd dress up the rear wheel a bit.

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