New Engine Look

I know I am going to catch flak for this but I am going to ask anyway. Does anyone know how to get that new engine look? I have a 2000 426 and the engine no longer shines. I like the new look but do not want to fork over thousands just for a look. Does anyone know of an epoxy paint or something else that will give it a shine.

I want the bikew to look just as good (great) as it runs.

PS - No laughing.

Sandblast it

Also look for my posts on Flame throwers :)

Plus Jeff bailey has some sort of gooo he keeps promising to send people

Ya spray it on and it looks brand new. Even smells like a new bike

Go Buy a New One

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Since the engine is Aluminum and magnesium, use some Eagle One Mag cleaner. It has a mild acid that will etch the bare surfaces, remove oxidation and restore the shine.

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