In the past few months I've raced in Wa, Or, Ca, and this last weekend in Id on my lil F. My bike hadn't missed a beat, but all the tracks were about the same alt. other than Id. I took off to Twin Falls Id. without any jets duhhhhh and when I first started the bike I thought uuuuuhhhhOOOOO. First off it was really hard to start, then it didn't have the snap when rev'd. It died before getting on the track for practice and wouldn't start. kicked my brains out then a friend took over, he got it started and it wouldn't idle. When on the track it wouldn't rev out of corners, it bogged, it didn't want to pull the next gear uphill,just plain ran like hell. I played with the needle and turned the idle way up to get it to idle and got it running the best I could but it was a sad weekend.

JET! This is proof these 4 poppers need to be jetted for your area.

My point about bad gas is its inconsistency. You could get the thing jetted for a specific load of fuel, but your next fuel load may be different, from the same gas station & same pump. The problem arises from not knowing exactly whats coming out of the nozzle! This is the reason I run race gas. Its the same, everytime. The aromatics are the same, the specific graivties are the same. Once you get your jetting squared away, it stays. Im not saying that you cant get your jetting correct on summer gas and winter gas, but your going to have to rejet when you get that load fuel. Problem: How do you know what your getting, summmer or winter and when? Problem 2: If your winter gas has ethanol in it and its humid that day, how much water is in your fuel? This is a real problem. Not a motor destroying problem, but a bike running like **** for no apparent reason problem.

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