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Sidi x3 lei ?

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Any of you tried these?

Looking for the best boot for my daughter. I want good protection and room for knee/shin guards.

She wears a 6.5 US women’s shoe. Hard to find men’s boot this small and the youth models don’t seem to give room for knee/shin guards.

I have had great luck with my crossfire’s but can’t find them in her size.

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I haven't worn  them personally.  My feet are big enough to fit into Crossfires.  But I know somebody who is a very serious rider and she was wearing a pair.  I asked her what she thought of them and she really seemed to like them.  They won't have quite the protection of Crossfire models, but seem to be a cut above all the other women's boots that  manufacturers offer.  they are cutting corners to offer attractive price points.  I wore a set of Fox Women's Comp 5, and while they were one of the most light and comfortable boots I have ever worn, they lacked rigidity and protection all the way around.  My  feet got clobbered, the buckles broke and finally the right boot literally ripped in half when I  hit a branch on a downed tree with it.

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