2004 WR450F Spark Arrestor?

I'm picking up my spanking new WR450F on Saturday and I didn't even think of it when I was at the shop, but does the stock 2004 WR450F come with a spark arrestor? I'm planning on riding on Sunday and just to cover my ass I want to make sure she's legal on WA dirt. I looked online and didn't see it listed in the specs. If not can anyone recommend a good one thats' realitively easy to install?

All previous year WRs came with spark arrestors. I would be surprised if this year was an exception.

Congratulations on your new bike.

read your manual. insp/adj section. spark arrestor cleaning. it's also stamped on the muffler.

Yep, it has the screen type sparky.

:) Yep, Your good to go.

Sorry to jump-start an old, dead thread, but i just bought a 2004 WR450F and I think it maybe missing a silencer. There's a big hole in the stock muffler, and i can see the SCREEN TYPE spark arrestor..... but was there a silencer (aka butt plug) that was OEM in the end cap also?


It sounds like someone already took it out for you :ride: I have the same bike and if you can see pretty much the whole screen inside, then the OEM baffle is gone. Its makes a huge difference taking that piece of junk out too. It sounds awesome but is wicked loud. I used a GYTR muffler insert to quiet it down to not piss any neighbors off. It didn't really lose any power. Make sure you get all the other free mods done if they're not done already and the thing will rip!

Anyone have a stock insert that they cant wait to trash? I would like to silence this bike for around town use. I will pay shipping!

Someone must have sthe stock silencer they want to get rid of !? I will pay for it and shipping. thanks!

OK, then if no one wants to sell me their useless endcap/silencer for my stock muffler... then i will just have to make one. What is the inside diameter of the stock butt plug?

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