YZ80 Suspension

Any one have a YZ80 stock suspension, front and rear, complete, form a 1994 till 2001

A friend of mine is planning to make an upgrade for a TTR125L.

So if you know something, let me know.

Probablly he'll buy the complete bike.... if cheap.

There was one in Iowa for $500 and one in arizona for $700. I saw them in the bike trader on-line a week ago. And I do believe that the 93 also works. I'm wanting to do that mod for my sons in the future. Has your friend been on www.ttr125l.com there is good info there. :)

Yeap, that's why he want's to make the mod...

I talk to the guy in Arizona.... probablly is the same, cause the price, and he wont shipped... he want me to go and pick it up.... :)

If you see something, let me know... :D

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