Base Gasket Residue Removal - How ?? the 'middle' of rebuilding my top end and I am trying to get the *"/ç&"&%%" base gasket residue off. (Not the head gasket).

I know I am going to get flayed alive by you guys for this but the only method I found that worked for 'most' of the gasket was a box cutter. I was VERY careful and have not scratched the surface hardly at all, but I'll be damned if I can get the rest off. I dont want to score it with a flat screwdriver and I dont want to use the box cutter mor than I have. do you do it ?

Please dont say theres a special product for it...cause I doubt I can get it here in Switzerland.

Is there some 'common' chemical that will do it?

Or am I destined for hours of work with a soft scraper ??

I'm going nuts !! :):D :D

Our local auto parts stores sell "gasket remover" that does quite well. I ran out of it one time and ended up using paint remover applied with a small brush. After a few minutes the residue would rub off.

Hopefully the Swiss use paint......????

I have used the razor blade trick in the past but don't recomend it. Use a dull scraper to get the majority of it off and then a Scotch Brite pad (Like a Corse sponge) to remove the residue. Takes time but if you hurry you are more likely to cause some damage.

Yeah we have paint over here but they dont call it that !!! :D:)

I like it as its very labour unintensive !!


Regular automotive gasket remover is just about pure methylene chloride. Bad stuff. If you can get some of that it will almost eat the gasket right off the metal with almost no work.

Are you in the middle of checking and/or replacing the rings because of the revving problem? I just got mine back together this evening. The bike is running much better now. I put the jetting back to the way it used to be and replaced the fuel screw assembly, including the tiny little o-ring. I did a 25-mile ride this evening and it ran almost completely normally. (I think I have to tweak the fuel screw and may have to go back to one size bigger on the pilot jet.) I would recommend taking a look at the fuel screw o-ring if you're still trying to track down the cause of your bike revving at idle. The o-ring on my fuel screw had a groove worn into it so I think it didn't seal properly.

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