Want a new pipe for 02' YZ 426????

What is a good pipe for the bike and what will it gain? The bike is a 02' YZ 426 and will see some MX tracks but mainly trails. I don't want the bike to be any louder though if thats possible.As far as I know the bike is stock but I would like to do some things to help it out. :)

There are a number of possible combinations... some offer performance in certain places, like down low, or at WOT... certainly you can get pipes like the e-series to be relatively quiet.

Trail riding will need a Spark arrestor as well...

If you go for Carbon Fibre and Titanium, you are going to save weight as well...

Have you got your jetting right? have you done the 03 cam mod? or the JamesNow mod?

Good luck,



Check your pm's!!

I'm thinking about getting one of those WB E's. What's the diff between that and the Pro meg?

Had a DSP full Ti system, but just smashed the header. I'd like something more quiet also. The spark arrestor is a plus.

The WB E fits on the stock header correct?


The E-series is the most versitle. You can put on the stinger tip and run it uncorked or install the plates and have a quiet S.A. without any loss in power. The FMF Q is good too, but you will sacrafice some top end and you'll be stuck with it. No tuneability.

Sweet. Picked up a full WB E system with stainless high mount header for $250. Not bad. Now time to sell some of this crap I've got laying around. Anyone need a DSP can? :)


How's that Knee feeling?

Fine. Knees are fine. Thanks. I would like a better pair of knee guards, mine just flopped to the side when I went down.

I need a spark arrestor, so figured this WB system was a pretty good deal, and the stainless header should be pretty tough.

Harem, I'm going back to TC soon with my friend. I'll PM ya first so you can show him the light.



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