17's vs. stock 21 for play not race

Hello all here's a question for you

I have an extra set of wheels for my XRL. The front wheels needs a new rim so I am going to get it relaced.

Should I go for the 17 or stick with the 21. I am going to get a big brake (just the rotor with the caliper relocater). I will NOT be racing just want a street set of tires. I will probably not use them much but want the option.

So should I go for the 17 or just keep the 21 again not for race just for play.


I have two sets of wheels for my BRP and use one set for dual sport tires

and the other set for serious knobbies. During the riding season I visit the Tennessee,

N Carolina, N Georgia area and run a wide range of road conditions from what they call dirt

to the pavement around Deals Gap.

I personally do not feel held back by running stock rims with street tires.

If anything it opens up where you can ride. There are so many places in the Smokies

where the best pavement can only be reached by riding extended dirt sections.

Thanks for the reply, I am leaning to the stockers (wheels) with just the "streetyst" tires I can find


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