Install DID 520

Is it difficult to install the DID X-Ring chain? Does anyone have any tips or tricks to make the installation better than an hour of cursing and swaring at the master link?

Any tips are greatly appreciated as I am not the best chain installer. :)

The DID X ring chain is my chain of choice so I am familiar with it. The method I use to install the master link clip is to use a master link press. It's only about $15 from Bob's cycle supply and it makes the job so easy. It's very simple to use and is made just for this installation. Other people use needle nosed vice grips or channel locks. I prefer the press.

thats it huh? well that soothes my soul. :)

I use the channel lock method and a small 8mm socket and gently ease each side of the master link down.

I use a couple of c-clamps and nuts just large enough to go over the pins. Clamp 'em on tight and leave them for about 15 minutes. Come back, take the clamps off, then install the master link clip just like a regular chain...

Steve T

If you got a higher end x-ring like I did then the master link is the rivet type (did you one of these?). In this case the tools is expensive so I just took it to the place where I purchased the chain and let them rivet it on. I would expect them to do it for free if you buy the chain there.

If you got the clip type then you've already got good advice above. :)

I use a 5 pound BFH and a center punch ...

Ya think thats why me spockets are bending :)

If it's a master link instead of the rivet kind, you can do it like I did. I took the side plate from the previous chain's master link and put it over the top of the new master link side plate and used a set of vice grips to apply pressure. That compressed the o-rings. I let it set for a minute, removed the channel locks and extra side plate, and put the new clip on. Worked like a champ, haven't had any problems since.

The big issue with the x or o-ring chains is the o-ring bulging out. You can't get the side plate on far enough to get the clip on. Any way you can find to temporarily compress it while you install the clip should work. The method above used existing parts and tools, that's why I chose it. I'm sure any of the others listed will work as well.

Ego, a hammer ya right, I saw you chompin on that thing like a pit bull with your teeth! Besides, dont you use a lawnmower chain on your bike? LOL

Just kiddin,

I use a pair of channel locks too, the middle sized one seems to fit best between the pins, and it should stay long enough to get the clip on.


That was you handing me the salt and pepper wasnt it ? :)

A small Needle nosed Vise Grip is the best......

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