Will White Bros help me?

I bought a new e- series exhaust from White Bros. Last summer. The pipe has completely fallen apart since. First the front muffler cap broke whwre the pipe is welded to it. I got it rewelded for 20 bucks and it held up but...that same front cover rivets loosened up, the holes rounded out and the rivets basically just fell out. I re-riveted it with somne washers to cover up the rounded out holes, and that lasted about 1 ride. now the weld where the muffler bracket attaches broke and the thing is now officially a piece of useless trash. I ride my bike hard and often, but I've never seen something turn completely to crap so fast. Do you think they will replace it? I wanted to see if anybody else has dealt with them in a situation like this, before I call them.

Ps. if someone would like to tell me the easiest way to put pictures with my post, I will post a pic of the destruction.

I've had an e-series on several of my bikes. I had one crack where the pipe enters the can. It turned out that the dealer had installed it incorrectly. They used a rubber bushing from a YZ rather than the WR adapter WB sells. The rubber bushing allows too much movement relative to the headpipe. The WB adapter is a solid mount. Anyway it was long out of warranty but WB sold me a new one at cost (don't remember the actual $$). Installed the new one with the proper mounting kit and never had a problem since.

Here's their phone number: (714) 692-3404. My experiences with them regarding technical questions on the Carbon Pro have been excellent. They even put me through to the guy that actually makes them. I have heard from other TT members that have sent systems back to WB for rebuilds have also had very good experiences.

Joe :)

I never knew I wasn't supposed to use the rubber mount, oops. Still I think this pipe should have lasted a lot longer. I'm quite disappointed with it. Thanks for the reply.

I had two e-series pipes break the weld at the canister inlet. The first time, I called WB and told them about the problem. I sent them the can and they sent me a brand spankin' new one to replace it. The second one broke in the same place after about four rides and I was using all of the correct mounting hardware. I sent that one back and asked them to send me an R4 and I would be more than happy to pay the difference. They sent me a brand spankin' new R4 for no charge and I had no other problems. I don't think they would have that problem if the E-series was spring mounted like the R4. The clamp makes it such a rigid piece that any flex places a lot of stress right on that weld. With the springs, the pipe/can contact point has some play and can flex without causing damage. The bottom line is that they handled my situation like I would have handled it if the tables were turned, and that made me a very happy customer. I would buy another WB pipe in a heartbeat.

I have had the e-series on my WR - no problems but have had a few buddies with yzf 426's had theirs break at the same junction as majority of these reports. I even know of a carbon fiber e-series canister blowing a hole the size of a baseball out the side of it. In most cases WB would repair & warranty in others not. My advice is be real nice when you talk to tech support. Let us know how that goes. :)

When I bought my used 426 the previous owner gave me a set of UFO plastic from WB with the bike. Turns out the rear was for a 125 and not the 426. I called WB numerous times over 2 days trying to get them to exchange the fender (I even told them I'd pick it up) and was only told I'd need to deal with the rep who sold my buddy the parts. He didn't return either of my 2 voicemails, zero service after the sell from them.

I also received a WB e-series from the bikes previous owner that had been welded and re-riveted multiple times. It was so tore up that I tossed it, but what a POS.

Bad quality and no service after a sale is all I've seen from them.

Dude, what did you expect not being the original purchaser? And, how could you expect them to replace plastic that the previous owner put on. How did he get the plastic on if it was for a different bike? I would have gone back to the previous owner.

Joe :)

Dude, what did you expect not being the original purchaser? And, how could you expect them to replace plastic that the previous owner put on. How did he get the plastic on if it was for a different bike? I would have gone back to the previous owner.

Joe :)

The plastic was brand new in the plastic.

Although I wasn't the original buyer WB didn't know that and never called me back to find tht out.

The original owner wasn't available during this time, I eventually chalked it up as a lost and paid $18 for a new one.

What you were trying to do was wrong, and does not reflect anything about how WB conducts business, as they should have not even been involved. I ran an E-series pipe on a 426 for three years with no problems. I hope you guys with problems can get them worked out with WB, just give them a shout.

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