need some advise

First off, I have had a 04 WR450 for a week now and love it. I have done the following mods. Removed Snokel, removed exhaust insert, and cut down the throttle stop. The break-in is complete and I'm checking the valves tonight.

1. My first question is, which exhaust insert should I get?? I like the power and sound but its just too loud.

2. I know its running lean, but what jets should I get. I'm thinking going up to a 48 pj, but dont know if I should go to a bigger main or just raise the needle?

3. Which skid plate and rad. braces are the best? Is a rad. brace and rad. guard the same thing?

Thanks for any help on these quesitons. :)

1. Dont waste money on an insert. Get a Q or PC496 and be done with it. Good power lower noise.

2. Answering a jetting question is like answering a complex algebra question. If you have more than one unknown variable (temp.,altitude, exhaust, etc.) you can not solve the equation.

3. Works connection makes a nice full protection skid plate. As for rad. braces, Devols are popular and strong, as well as Works Connections. look up rad guards/braces in the search section and you will find more info than you need to make a decision.

The more protection and support you can get for your radiator, the better, so get the strongest you can. -Matt

I dropped my WR on a rock last weekend. It seems I found the perfect spot to be a spazz. I have that special talent. I don't know if a radiator guard would have helped. The radiator is trashed so gettting repaired was out of the question. I ordered one and told the dealer to tell me how much it is when I pick it up. No use crying for a week. One day is enough.

Get the JD jet kit and follow the instructions. If you still need help from there, you can post the current set-up and JD and others will guide you.

I bought the JD kit and, with JD's help, my bike has never run better.

Just my two cents.

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