Any one want some barely used Oneal Harwear riding gear? +boots/helmet

my sponsor is about to get me some new threads. my current gear has been on a few very easy going track days, one woods ride, and a couple dual sports. included are a pair of Alpinestars M-4 Boots- size 7: Blue/white, Oneal Hardwear Pants- Size 32 which is a very versitile size, Jersey- Medium, and Gloves- Size small/8: all of which are the "rare" Larocco Desnations Colors-Blue/ Red/ Black with White Accents, except for the gloves which are Red/ Black- very patriotic. A Bieffe full face helmet that I got a couple years ago- size small, dot and snell: Red/Black/some Yellow. Also included are a pair of Oneal HP Elbow guards that are almost new, and EVS Ballistic Kidney Belt. If you have any questions let me know. I am hoping to sell them as a set, so if you have a larger hand try to get the gloves and give them to someone else. combined this stuff cost 543.00 new, so I will sell them for 265.00. Email me at If you are wondering why I am selling equipment if I am sponsored it is because I am only partially sponsored, and I still need to pay for my bike, and transportation.

you dont ride a you?! :)

I want one elbow pad How much for that

Ya got any sisters I will pay big bucks for one of them :)

I do ride a wr426 actually. I also ride a klx300, a yz 125, and a ktm 200exc.

egoahole- sorry not just one elbow pad. no sisters, but I met a big hairy guy today i bet youd like alot.

ouch :)

booboo you hurt my feelings

Since no sisters how bout yo moma

my moms dead you a$$ :) , have fun riding your sisters, and cousins while I lap your ass on the track. just messin- :D

good luck this sunday everyone.

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