Blue wire - again!

OK, I understand that disconnecting the light blue wire results in a hotter spark in neutral and the bike should be easier to start. So, why did Yamaha put blue wire there in the first place?? What is the advantage of LESS voltage in neutral?


I have watched the blue wire from the beginning. What started as speculation about the spark has become gospel, with no evidence I have seen. People have reported easier starting but starting problems are variable, sometimes they start easy, sometimes they don't. I don't know if or why they help starting. I'm not sure anyone does.

As to why the blue wire. It lowers the rev limiter while in neutral. I posted this originally. Local tuner (MJ) told me the WR had a 7500 rev limiter. I knew better. He said he knew because he tested one in the shop. Even mentioned the brand of digital tach. When I read the first blue wire post (blue wire is neutral detect circuit in manual), it all came together for me. He did find a 7500 RPM rev limiter, wasn't smoking dope after all. What he didn't know was effect of blue wire was. If he was foolish enough to rev in gear with clutch in, he would have seen the 13,500 rev limiter.

Good luck,


I did the blue wire mod. I noticed exactly nothing.

Since I did my blue wire mode,

I found ten thousand bucks at the end of the rainbow

Some stranger came up to me and said I reminded them of Roger Decoster when I ride (in his younger days)

My Dog Stopped eating Cat Poop

Man that thing is good

Oh Ya I stopped using Viagra :)

Hotter spark my Buttttt

Ditto Shawn

[ May 21, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

Hey, if it will get my dog to stop eating cat turds i'll do it LOL :):D:D


Hey I did the ZipTy Netural Switch Replacment Cover and removed the wire harness from the switch to the main harness

Cant say it runs or starts any better but it looks trick


I don't have a problem with starting of fouling plugs, I was just wondering why the wire was there to begin with.

Run Forrest Run

the blue wire is there so we could create a mod and write about it, no other reason in the world as far as I can tell :)

Good call Ego, my bike has been a fouling maniac. I did the blue wire and it still fouled plugs, no difference was observed.

I think that my bike has a personality. Every time I have went to race, during practice or right before the race it acts up and I have to make sure to have many new plugs on hand.

Lately, it runs great.

P.S. Don't tell my bike I was badmouthing it ...

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