Chain Stretch

No Bulk Buy for me yer on your own

I will see if there is a web site or a mailorder for the place I get it me chains

The stock may be steel on the WR but it was aluminum on my YZF. I will get steel next time (tried to get steel this time but they were out of stock.

The x-ring that I got was the DID ERV2 and I forogt the exact price but I think it was a bit over $120 at the local shop. I'm sure you can find it cheaper online (I wanted to ride right away and they had it on the shelf).


OSH usually carries bulk chain in the hardware area, dont know a part number. Being Salinas you may want to chk to see if they carry bulk. Not all stores carry the same items. Also try a farm equipment suuply store. Isnt there one by Airport and 101 ?

The OSH I used to get bulk from no longer carries chain. I got mine from a tool supply store some time ago (No Longer In Bidness:eek :) , the chain is made by Tsubaki. Same freaking chain they sell as MC chain....

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That tsubaki chain is what I'm after Ego. I wasn't asking you to get me some, not yet anyway. :) I wanted to know where you get yours so I can make a few phone calls. You seriously don't want to know what I paid for my chain. If I can get a decent chain that won't break in a years use for half the price, then I'll do it.

If someone can find out how to get around Sidewinder to get the Krause chain, Im tellin ya thats the way to go. Ive had that Krause chain and sidewinder sprocket combo on my CR500 for 9 freakin years, and havent had to adjust it for 8 and half. the reason I adjusted it? Went to a larger counter shaft sprocket.

Im certain that Renthal mills they're spockets from lead. Or dead soft aluminum at best. What ever they are, they are the softest peices of aluminum Ive ever bought, that was a machined product. Ya they're light, and if your RC and get a new one every moto, great. I wasn't RC this morning when I got up, and niether were you! I am having good luck with a sprocket specialist part though, it was noticably heavier than the renthal, which mean its dencer, which is what you want in a sprocket.


Its a conspiracy Im telling ya.

Ya buy these things and they get ya hooked then ya just gotta keep getting more and more. :)

I agree, Renthal chain/sprocket products for the 426 absolutely sux. I have 3 mo. of use on mine & the chain is stretched, the sprockets are worn out.

What is the consensus from you all on the best chain/sprocket combo for long term use & the money????? Not the most expensive solution.....

I sold diamond chains in the seventies. tough stuff man, thats for sure.


Suppliers of Diamond Chains, Tsubaki chains and others, Just do a search in the state you are in.

Remember prices are bulk so for 21 bucks you get a bulk I think thats 25 ft


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