Z-Start gap on my 426 at .88"

I install my z-start, but the gap measures .088" its like I am missing two whole plates???? :) I will have to admit this is my first time working on a clutch, but it just doesn't add up. I sent Rekluse an e-mail with no response after 24 hours? ???

Here is what I have install for the clutch pack starting from the top ---- Friction Disk --- Rekluse (.55) Drive Plate --- Stock Drive Plate ---- and then six more fiction disks and drive plates stacked. Is it correct to have the Rekluse and the Stock Drive Plates together? Seems a little odd? Where do I start adding plates and should I add the stock friction plate the directions told me to take out???

The directions also told me to use 7 mounting shims over each stud and other posts here at TT people said they used 9 ??? Any thoughts???

Any help would be greatly appreciated



Have you called Rekluse

Don't wait for Emails Call the tech support line.

.88 is way off

Are you using two gage's 180 degrees apart?

The version 3 zstart says 7 shims use 7 shims, I did this on mine no worries.

If you have followed the directions you would actually start from the first plate and work down word one at a time until you have the correct Install Gap.

I questioned placing the two Plates together as well. Do as the instructions say, the first two plates are the Rekluse supplied plates :)

You should end up with Rekluse Pressure plate, 2 Rekluse steel plates, then a friction plate.

So in general an clutch will have Fiber disk, Steel plate, Fiber disk, and so on in a clutch stack.

Just follow the Directions Verbatim


I talked with Rekluse and the gap problems was my stupid mistake. I did have the preasure plate pushed down enough for the lower assembley "stand offs" (where the bolts go) to push flush with the presure plate. :D

Rekluse did say that having the stock and rekluse steal plates togeather is the correct way to install it on a YZ426. Sounds a little odd, but I will do what the Rekluse Gods tell me. :)

Thanks again for your help


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