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What sticker kit should I buy for my '05 CRF230?

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I am in the process of slowly repairing everything on my 230 that had been bought from a farmer and obviously had no love ever in its life. Anyway, as I pull off one thing, fix it, reinstall it and then ride around again, I keep coming back to it not being the most aesthetically pleasing 230 on the planet. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for sticker kits leave 'em below.

FYI: I would like to keep it as stock looking as possible maybe even use the sticker kits from the last couple years of motorbike.

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I stripped all of the stickers off of mine after I bought it except for the tail section...heated the stock plastics with a torch a bit and buffed them out to try and get some of the shine back, and supplemented with aftermarket parts like gas cap, pegs, gripper seat, shifter, etc with a few strategically placed brand stickers.  I really like it now.  Understated looking but definitely modified.  Cool.  

There are a few sticker kits around for the 230 that I've seen...when I was looking at a complete kit, I liked this one:



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