Help from Southern Riders

The last few weeks my 01' 426 has been running like Poo-Poo.....I know it's weather related because it did the exact same thing this time last year ie... Popping when i first start it and running ****ty when i'm riding it hard.

It causes me to stall the bike alot and I'd really like to fix it.

All jetting is bone stock and no adjustments have been made to the carb.

Are any of you Texas or southern riders having the same symptoms....if so, what can I do to fix this.


If it were just the weather being warmer, it would run richer. The main symptom would be sluggishness. The popping you describe is either too lean, not likely going into summer with no jetting changes, or electrical plug being the first suspect.

Good luck,


Sounds like you are having some prob's like me, check out my post on "running rough, no plug fouling Help??" there should be some useful info there, Frank

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