'03 YZ 450F date......

Hi all,

I currently have an '02 CR250.....looking to go the four stroke way next model season. I'm trying decide between the CRF 450, and the all new (supposedly) YZF 450...Does anyone know when Yamaha might possibly come out with there new YZF 450? I know Honda is releasing there '03 CRF in July...I dont know if I can wait for the YZF, im really impatient and impulsive when it comes to getting a new bike (that explains my poor poor selection of the '02 CR250)!! haha :) I know that people like the CRF except for it steers like a PLOW!! lol....supposedly they fixed that for '03...anyway if anyone knows please reply....which one would you get the CRF or the YZF?

I rode a CRF and it steers better to the inside than my YZ does. Its just kind of vague at speed, but as soon as you back off the throttle, it goes where ever you happen to be thinking.

I know I sound strange saying the things Im saying being a YZF lover, but I know I could ride the Honda faster for longer, just because its more "user friendly"

As i`ve been told it will be out on the net in 14 days , 10/6.

my dealer said they would have new 250f's and 450's in september. one thing about honda that i like is when their new models hit the floor.

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