Seat hurting my ***!!!!! New foam?

My 2000 WR felt like a couch compared to my 04 WR450. Do to the battery under the seat the foam is only like 1/2 inch thick. I feel my A$$ hitting the plastic when I hit bumps sitting down. I do run padded biking shorts but its no XR400 seat that for sure.

Thanks for the info Jim, just one more question. I don't have a YZ seat on this bike, so I ordered the WR stock height soft foam from Guts yesterday. It should ship this evening, I am hoping to have it by Monday or so. Anyway, is the wide guts foam a huge improvement over the stock width soft foam? Or do you even have any experience to compare the two?


on my '01 WRF, i went from the stock WRF seat (& WRF tank) to the YZF style SDG seat (& YZF tank); and not being happy with that i went to the wide top YZF-style GUTS seat (& same YZF tank).

i'm VERY happy with my wide top YZF-style GUTS seat. it is immensely more comfortable than the YZF-style SDG seat that i had on the bike beforehand. i do long trail rides (3-6 hrs) and my butt is extremely thankful to this seat. it is NOT a couch cushion though, it provides plenty of support.

personally, i think that the wide top is more important to the comfort than thick foam in a "tall" seat. just my US$0.02 on the matter, as i am also Not That Tall (5'9"-ish) i did not want a taller seat. as noted in my prior post above, the wide seat is the same height or just a tad lower than the stock seat. in combination with the better comfort afforded by the narrower YZF-seat/tank setup, the GUTS wide top seat is the best solution for me.

below, you can see the GUTS width compared to the YZF style SDG seat, and also the GUTS seat in an action shot... :)

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f




Hey, thanks for all of your time on this issue. And might I add that seat looks pretty awsome on your bike. I assume that is your daughter, she looks like she is ready to go. Does your whole family ride? Anyway, thanks again, I will update you on my new seat when I get it installed.



I just bought a new WR450 about a week ago. Love it! Only one mod done so far. Anyay, I noticed in your picture that had your daughter on the bike that you had some handguards that I have never seen before. They come out of the end of the handlebar, turn downwards and then connect to the bottom of the handlebar I presume. I could not see how they actually connnect. I just got TUSK D-Flex handguards and like them but on every bike I have put them on they are in a bind/underpressure to get them to mount. What kind are you using? How much did they cost? Do you like them? How touch are they.



recieved my 'Guts' seat today and am very happy with the quality of the cover and foam, it was minus any divits and also the Yamaha logo. cant wait to do the Poker Run this weekend.

JR writes

[...] some handguards that I have never seen before. [...] What kind are you using? How much did they cost? Do you like them? How tough are they.


they are CYCRA Pro-Bend barkbusters. i have them mounted using the triple clamp (TC) mount system, as opposed to the normal handlebar mount system. with the TC mount system, these things are incredibly tough. i am highly skilled at crashing hard (the result of a lot of practice) and the CYCRA's have never failed me. the rationale for the bend at the side is to allow your hand more "escape room". this is supposed to help prevent a horrific accident wherein you endo or crash the bike while your hand is stuck *through* the barkbuster. not good. CYCRA's "Pro-Bend" design allows your hand to come off the side and not get twisted into the barkbuster opening. if you can't tell by now i really like these barkbusters, they have served me well for a long time and fended off many a tree (read the six days saga in my sig).

note that Yamaha GYTR (the OEM "racing division") resells the CYCRA Pro-Bends, and there are a few reasons why i would buy these barkbusters through GYTR vs through Cycra. for one the GYTR kit comes with longer TC pinch bolts and also includes a few bits that the std Cycra "racers kit" does not. if you go to the yamaha website you can see the GYTR version under the MX accessories section, at this link.


to order the GYTR parts, see this page:

here are some pics of when my barkbusters were new back in '01, and also some closeups of the TC mounting arrangment:

everything you ever wanted to know about these CYCRA/GYTR barkbusters is in this thread:

scroll about 1/3 of the way down to my post with all of the links.

when you finally go to mount them, follow the tidbits in this thread regarding the throttle tube:

hope all that helps.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f




Just wanted to update everyone, I got the GUTS stock height(because I am short) soft foam and WOW, I could not believe the difference. Thanks to everyone for all of your assistance.


its like moving from newspaper to Charmin.... right !!!

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