Knee braces that don't go down in the boots?

i had the same problem

these work really well for me, they sit above my boots, thet are very low profile and the shin guard takes up a lot less space in my boots then an old set of fox shin guard i used to wear.

there a really solid bit of kit and since i got em in November ive not damaged a set of tank grafics or race pants.p0000255.GIF

i already have the extended aplpinestars straps for my tech 8's.

and i HAD a pair of shin/knee gaurds from fox untill i couldnt get the boot buckled with the shin guard down in the boot. so i cut off the part that goes in the boot and now i have just a knee pad. so hopefully since you say they take up less room than a fox shin guard, they should work


i have real big calfs, and the only boots i could get to fit me where gaerne sg1

but they got real tight with the fox pads

please someone else buy a set of these braces so you can back me up when i say they are a great brace :)

did you try the tech 8 with extended straps for a fit?

also i have short legs so i may still have to worry about the bottom of the brace going into the boot :)

how tall are you? im 5'10 1/2" and its 18 and 1/4 inches from the bottom of my foot to the middle of my kneecap :D

when i went boot shopping i had an amount of money to spend, [not tech 8 amount]

the straps on the gaerne's extend,, the problem i find is the actual size of the boot.

my boots are pretty much worn out now , i think the next boots ill buy will be the sidi force flex, they seem pretty good

im 6'

i think theres a bit of a gap between the top of my boot and the bottom of the brace,

but to be honest they may even tuck into my boot.

they seem about half the width of my asterisk braces

I'm 5' 9" and have 18" calves. I use Asterik Braces in XL and use the SIDI Flex Force SRS boots. I've maxed out the adjustable calve system on my boots and still do not have enough room. I called SIDI and they do not have longer straps to send me. I just removed the top strap from my boots and ride like that. :)

thats gotta suck....if you dont care how you look, you should try some black duct tape, i saw jeff ward ride like that in a racer X photo, his buckles were broken.

I am waiting for my new boots to arrive the SIDI vortex Its an all new boot found at Its supposed to have an opening of 22" at the top . By the way I have 20 " calves . :)

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jeez, how do you have such big calves?! lol please reply and tell us how your sidi's work out for your humungo calves :)

I ended up with the Donjoy playmaker for my 22 in calves and tech 8 boots. I can still make the top strap, but not the velcro. playmakeracl.jpgHere is the website:

The neoprene material is very thin, but adds a great deal of support. the hinges keep the knee aligned.

Scroll down this page to the donjoy extreme, it says that it is designed to not interfere with ski or motorcycle boots. It is expensive, but you may be able to get an ortho doc to prescribe it.


If you can wear those neoprene braces u will be able to wear the brace i detailed above,,, they are that low profile

yeah yzcourt there the ones i have,

the motocrossones come with shin/knee pads

The mark up in med equipment is sure high. The 1st set I listed sells on the web for about 160 bucks. My doctor gave me a perscription and I picked them up for 500 bucks....each. No wonder insurance is so expensive. The bad news, I went out without the right one on, and tore the acl in my right knee. It was a first gear, 2 or 3 mph slip that cost $10,000 in hospital bills (surgery), and 9 months off riding. The 500 bucks each doesn't seem so bad now. Even if I have to duct tape the top of my boots, I will never ride without braces again. With 7 months to go, I should have the coolest, cleanest YZ around by the time I recover.

hey court, i cant wear that purple one, my leg be too large! :)

the ONLY mx brace i found that can fit me is the donjoy one that markUK told me about in the beginning, its also the 2nd one court posted but with shin and knee guards.

mark, are the shin knee guards removable?

and to everyone, how can i go about finding if my insurance will cover knee braces? i do have knee injuries in both knees so thats the first step :D now what do i do?

yeah they just hook over the hinges

The knee/shin gaurd is removable. I have PPO coverage, so don't need a referral to go to an Orthopedic doc. I just made an appointment and said, can you prescribe some braces for me....he said sure. I picked them up the next week. If you can get the prescription, the ortho supply house will do all the insurance work for you.

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