crabby front end! help please!

Hiya Hiya Hiya again from thawed out Cleveland! I've managed to convince a buddy of mine to get back on the dirt. So over the past couple of weeks he's gotten an old YZ for his son who's never rode and last night he brought over an 00 RM125 (yeech, I never did like them things!). Anyway, since I seem to be the wrench in the group the bikes are being kept in my shop. So last night I'm going over the RM and notice the front end is way out of align. I remember reading a post over the past few months describing how to straighen out the forks but cannot seem to find that post. Something about loosening the bolts on the trees and the axle and then the tubes will return to their correct positions?? I dont remember exactly. If someone would direct me the post or even tell me how to do this we sure would appreciate it. Thanks alot!

Your on the right track.. In the past when mine were tweaked, I loosened the axel pinch bolts and the triple clamp bolts and then spun the front wheel and applied front brake... spin it a few times and it shoud find "straight" on its own....or you can just man-handle it and put the wheel between your knees and grab the bars and twist it back into place...Ive done that quite a few times right after a crash.


The only thing I would add is that I've had to loosen the center nut on the upper tree in addition to the ft axle and triple clamp pinch bolts to completely straighten things out...

it helps to straigten it out if you cycle the front forks by holding the front brake and bouncing the front suspension up and down.

:) Thanks for the guidance! In the old days before leading front axles and inverted shocks I would have done the same thing and thought nothing of it. But just to be on the safe side I called a local dealer and the service dude told me, and I quote "If they're inverted the shocks can not tweak out of align". I questioned him on this again and he says "It's nearly impossible, if it's tweaked out the bike is probably FUBAR". I should have just asked you guys here first! stupid waterhead service shop idiot, I wonder if his mommy has to pack his lunch and point him in the right direction when he peddles his red ryder tricycle to go play vroom vroom motorcycle shop repairdude. Lord I apologize fer makin' fun of the waterhead service dude....... Thanks again for the help! Enjoy the weekend yyyeeeeeehaaaaaaaa :D

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