wr throttle stop

i need some help with my throttle stop screw does anyone have part number for a yz(preferably) or wr throttle stop screw for a 1998. I went to cut my wr screw down and there was no screw to be found. Im assuming the previous owner removed it instead of cutting it down. Or what diameter screw it is so i could go to a parts store. I went to the dealer and they said the only way to get a screw is to buy the carb housing as well. i just want it fixed so the throttle doesnt hang at the wrong moment.

I know I have seen the part # for the YZ throttle stop on this board. I would search for throttle stop mods and see what you come up with.

PART NUMBER 5JG-14591-00-00 Yz450f throttle stop

The throttle stop for the WR450 DOES NOT fit the 1998 WR400. I bought the stop from the dealer and then found out that it doesn't fit.

If anyone want's a throttle stop for a 450 let me know. I paid $11.00 with discount, normal cost is around $15.00.

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