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Photobucket Images


Hi - I have searched but can't see a definitive answer.

I have old threads where I used Photobucket links to embed images, which as users know were blocked by PB a while back unless you paid!


But I see that TT have done some clever coding to overcome this, great job.  What interests me though is whether you have actually dragged the images out of PB into TT or if it is still linking to PB?  I want to future-proof my threads and wondering if I should upload the pics or if you have essentially done that for me :)

eg https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/942713-my-dr350-project-chapter-2-chassis/?tab=comments#comment-9939007



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While it's not 100% foolproof, for the most part the photos that were retrievable have been copied over.  If a topic is not viewed for an extended period of time those photos could be lost since we don't have the original upload.  However for all but the least viewed topics, the images should remain.

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