Cracked tank resolution

I talked to the service manager for Champion Yamaha in Newport beach/Costa mesa. Here the deal. Yamaha will warranty the tank if your in the first year of ownership. Mine is a 2000. No warranty. If your a 2001 or 02, you can still get your tank warrantied, that is, if your nice to your service manager and you dont go walkin in there with huge chip on your shoulder. Im blown away by the fact that Yamaha would warranty anything on a competition desigated motorcycle in the first place. Oh well, to late for me, but the clarke tank is only 172 shipped to my house instead of the 325 for the yamaha tank.

Let us know how you like the tank when you get it. My stocker is showing cracks too but it's not leaking yet and I'm afraid I'll be past the year before it springs a leak. I'll still approach yamaha, but I don't have faith that they'll replace it for me. :)

Sirthump, go check with them now. Its worth a shot.

After my 01 cracked (crash damage) I went the whole hog Hurricane route and bought a yellow Clarke tank. Looks great but had a little problem with the threads matching up between the gas tank and the old gas cap. Ended up taking a small file to the threads on the tank and dressing them a little, works fine now and looks killer!

My Clarke tank came with a new Clarke gas cap that fits and looks great compared to the stock cap.

You guys are killing me with the Hurricane Kits. I want one so freakin bad, but work has been slow and Im having a huge problem selling a 165 dollar tank and 249 dollar dress up kit to the wife right now. So I got the blue one :)

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