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xr200 1980 flywheel removal

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So i am dismantling three xr200 motors two early 1990s, one 1980. Hoping with a few new parts/machining to end up with two good engines. The 1980 (casing number Me02e 5105889 = 1980 https://4-stroke.net/honda-vin-to-year-code-list.html) motor has a different flywheel stator setup which was updated in 1986. 86 on you can push the flywheel off with a 14x1.5 metric bolt. The 1980 flywheel thread size is different it's smaller anyone know the bolt size I would need? Tried a few I had lying around but no luck. Nothing leapt out when I googled it either, cheers in advance.

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XR rotor pull tool: 86+ is 16x1.5mm bolt, 84 and earlier is 14x1.5. Both avail at hardware stores or use the rear axle.

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