TWO new websites!!! PIX and RESULTS!!! PLZ LOOK!

Here are a couple of websites that need some more participation. Maybe we can spread the word about them to get more clubs submitting results.


givem' a look!

Let me know what you guys think

Spread the word to your local clubs and orgs.!

It would be cool to see some TT members results on here!! :D

Hey Yzboy..........howd' ya do at Cherry Creek? was Jericho??

pretty cool place huh?

......ERRRR I sux huh!!!lol

I can speak for racerxphoto. I have pictures I ordered from them from the Wendover and St George race and they are very good quality. I think they only do Utah and Nevada races, however. Missed the cherry creek due to selling my drz400 and buying my 01 yz426. Good trade.


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what is your #

what class do you run?

#74t in the novice class. I rode alot as a kid and teen-ager but took a long break. Knolls in november of last year was my first ever competition. I am hooked. I am not fast, but i am hooked. I tried the am class for the first two races this year and just got in everyone's way, so for Price this weekend I'll be back in the novice to get some experience. I think i saw pictures of you jumping out of the culvert in wendover on racerxphoto? DNF wendover due to a flat front tire. Where is Mo' Utah?


You have the yellow plastic kit? Where did you get it and how much? I used to ride a YZ490 before they went to white/red and would love to go to that color combination again.


I got it direct from >>ONEINDUSTRIES<<

before I was sponsored from them.

I wrote for a sponsorship and they have treated me really good.

I think it was about $225 or so for everything.

See me at Price WORCS race this saturday and I will see what I can do to help you out. 13H

I should be near the Headmans Ford Expedition w/blck-grey trailer. :)

See ya there!


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