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Seat foam height. Opinions appreciated

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44 minutes ago, basalt said:

stegpegs will keep you standing much longer.

Gah, I totally forgot to mention these!  Absolutely, check out Stegz Pegs.  I put them on my Beta over the winter and rode with them all season and they're the shizzle for older guys like me who suffer from arm pump, sore hands and tired legs.  They act as a brace behind your boots when riding level or up hills so that you don't have to use as much arm strength to hold on.  This also lets me lock my legs at times to reduce their effort and stay lighter on the bars, which improves my feel and extends my endurance.  The get slightly in the way going downhill, but I just spread my legs a little more to get around the pucks, and viola, they're out of the way.

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Im 5'10 180. Went from stock seat then installed soft foam which had a better felling but wanted a little more room on my ass and 1 inch lower to plant feet better for technical rock sections.

So I bought the 1 inch lower and wider seat and Im loving it. Its the complete seat from Seat Concepts. Low and wide seat. I like the wide part for those long dual sport rides and helps on the road keep your butt more comfortable. Also being a little lower seems to help when need to dab feet. wide seat will bow your hips a little but since its 1 inch lower it compensates for it.

Work on standing more it will help train muscle memory, but you say it feels like its "bucking you off" so like others said play with clickers and make sure your Sag is set to your weight.

At the end of the day not feeling confident on your set up will play tricks on your head. Last weekend I was riding with a buddy who is still green and learning. Half way through ride he said it feels weird. His set up was perfect IMO but i pretended to changes The comp and rebound clickers when he was taking a pee break. He got back on and an hour later was like "wow this feels so much better" and was riding great with confidence. I still didn't tell him I didnt touch a thing. :)

I have the BRP with scotts and love that set up. no vibes on hands and scotts has saved my ass several times. 

Good luck and keep riding. 

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