Extra gas tank capacity. Setting tank in the sun?

Does this actually work? I heard if you fill your gas tank 1/2 full of fuel, plug the vent and place it in the sun, the increased pressure will stretch the tank yielding an increase in capacity.

Anyone think this would work? Good idea?

One of the worst ideas I have heard in a long time. Bike tanks are made out of some very strong and temperature resistant plastic, the temperature increase nor the pressure increase you could get from putting it out the sun woudlnt be enough to do anything. It would take a heck of a lot more heat and pressure than the sun to make an impact on a motorcycle tank. If you put it in an oven and heated the hell out of it, to stretch it to the point where you would get any noticable increase in capicity would deform it to the point that it would not fit the bike anymore and weaken the plastic to point where it would be unusable.

But while you are reading, I have some land in florida I would like to see you hahahah.


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Boiling water - compressed air :)

And you can pop out dents in a tank with compressed air....of course the tank splits open or it looks like a football. :)

Tanks are thick reticulated polyethylene and are not latex. They don't just expand like an inner tube. They split and deform. Of course you can try it and post back here with the results. Ride safely.

The boiling water and compressed air does work but you got to be careful how much air pressure you put in. It must be regulated carefully. It will round out square corners and press out the sides and other places on the tank. Its one of those things where you do a little bit and see how much improvement you made. Don't go crazy with the pressure. They won't give you a new tank if you ruin it.

I too have heard about the 1/2 tank of gas and block off the vent. In fact Im going to give it a try before I go through all the effort of boiling water. If you want an idea of how much force can be created by the sun and expanding gas in an enclosed tank. Try it on a plactic gas can. You will be surprised how pregnant that gas can will get.

From someone that’s been in injection molding for over a decade. Any excess heat you apply WILL weaken the plastic.

It takes 317 degrees before the molecules start to release from each other. If it's not that hot you're actually tearing the molecules apart, thus weakening the tank.

Even if your stretch / tear it out the gain would be minimum, and in a short time the tank will be trying to return to its molded form. I know it's a bad idea.

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