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Honda XR200r and XL200r Bottom End Swap

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Hey guys,

I have an 84 xl200r that runs great but second gear is a in pretty bad shape (I found a tooth of the gear in my oil)!

On my local CL, I see a posting for 79-80, 83 xr200r bottom ends for really cheap. The model numbers are ME02E-5100628 and ME02E-5106178 and ME04E-520346. I was hoping to pick up one, split and inspect it, and then either use it for parts, practice taking it apart, or rebuilding and installing with my xl200 top end. I have the following questions and would be grateful for any answers.

Would these bottom ends bolt on to my cylinder/top directly? From my understanding, they fit the frame. I also believe that the stroke and bore is identical, but can look deeper in my manual for more info.

Could the six speed transmission be swapped into my xl200 crankcase? Can the kick starter be swapped into the xl bottom end?

Will the stator on the xr cause problems with my xl wiring and if so, could I swap the larger xl stator into the xr bottom end?

Anything else I should know before picking up an engine (IE, if rusted, could i still clean and make it function? Thanks very much for your time. This is gonna be my first complete engine teardown, and I look forward to learning!


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Use your XL rotor/stator/cover to match your bikes electrics.
Six speed gear will not fit the 5 speed cases.

ME02E-5100628 and ME02E-5106178 are 1980 XR200 (twin shock)
ME04E-520346 is a 1983 XR200R engine.

For the models you listed the XL cylinder and head will fit the cases.

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