Hare Scrambles action down in texas

Though you might want to check out the action at this weekends Texas Hare Scrambles. This is a great video shot of the start of the sportsman 1 hour class.

Dist 20 Hare scrambles

I would have had more fun if I didn't fry my clutch.

3 years on the same clutch, not bad.

So.?? should I go all the way with a new basket and pressure plate or just replace the disks and springs?

Who know where I can get the best deal on clutch parts?

wich part of texas are u?


I live up here in Austin. belong to AMSA and race the HS series.just moved up to from 4 stk C (#t77)to the 4 stk B #972

Do you come up from Laredo to race the Hare Scrambles?

[ May 22, 2002: Message edited by: Kenaroo ]

i never been in HS, but i think that is time to start. just have 1 and a half year riding, so i think that is time.

do you have many places to ride up there? i can go any weekend.

And of course you can come down here, any weekend.

[ May 22, 2002: Message edited by: Victor Delgadillo ]

if you happen to look at the

Open250C start, you will see a certain long time TT member get the holeshot. :)

on a 250F against the 2smokes

we have a lot of DUST (cough!) i mean fun, in our series.

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